3 Ways to Brand Your Office Space

3 Ways to Brand Your Office Space


In a world of competition, it’s important to stand out. Gone are the days of expecting creativity and inspiration to spring forth from typical office spaces. Your brand is important:  it’s what the outside world sees, and internally, it’s what you and your employees are living out and striving towards every day. You and your team have put in thousands of man-hours pushing your brand to consumers, but how does your brand appear to those that walk through your front door? You have an opportunity to reinforce your brand not only to clients coming in for meetings but to your employees who spend a great deal of their time in your offices.. If you really want to commit to your brand, it’s time to consider branding your office space. What comes to mind when you think of a “branded office space?” Maybe a poster or two? Some painted walls? At Pace, we specialize in transforming standard office spaces into fully branded environments


Let’s dive into just a few of the ways that we can brand your office space!



1. Lobby Sign: Lobby signs are a great way to instantly remind anyone where they are or who they’re doing business with, because they provide immediate identification and brand reinforcement. We’ve had the pleasure of designing lobby signs for many clients, and the consensus is that our work immediately transforms their office spaces. . Whether your business is big or small, a lobby sign generates credibility and builds your brand with clients and employees. . Lobby signs can be fabricated from a nearly infinite variety of materials and finishes to suit tastes from subtle to wild. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality!



This is the lobby sign we did for Edge Natural Resources LLC. This sign looks fantastic with the wood style background. When you walk through their front door, you know exactly where you are and who you are doing business with.



2. Wall Wraps: Wall wraps are another great way to transform your office into a fully branded, inspiring and creative space. The possibilities are endless with our wall wraps. We can include photos, text, patterns, logos, and virtually anything you can think of in our wall wraps. Like lobby signs, wall wraps build your brand by affording the opportunity to turn blank walls into canvases that feature your branded imagery. Nobody wants to visit or work in a boring office space that lacks color and wall wraps are a great way to avoid just that. 

So what should you consider when deciding what to include on your wall wraps? First, identify your industry and the colors associated with your brand or company. If you are a newer company or brand and have yet to commit to an identity, let us know where you stand in that process – we offer design services and expertise to help you pinpoint the best possible options for your custom wall graphics.  Another source of inspiration can be found in your Mission, Vision and Core Values. Examining your core values can help you choose quotes or photos that would fit well in your office space and bring the personality of your brand to life in a big way.

A great example of this approach is our recent work with Fannie C. Harris Youth Center, part of the After8toEducate collective supporting youth experiencing homelessness in Dallas ISD. One of their walls features the quote “they cannot stop me, I will get my education” along with a tasteful background of colors. This is an excellent example of how wall wraps can be used to promote core values while also brightening up what would normally be a boring wall.


Image of colorful wall graphics with inspirational message behind a couch at Fannie C. Harris Youth Center.


3. Decorative Window Film: Window film is another great way to brand your office space. Like wall wraps, and lobby signs, custom decorative window film presents a great opportunity to get creative with your brand.. If privacy is a concern, we are capable of creating designs that preserve the element of privacy while also transforming your windows into art.

Window film is the final touch of transforming an office space. We have the ability to print from latex to clear with our HP1500 printer as well as white UV and custom opacities with our Vanguard 3200 printer.

Here’s an example of a decorative window film we did for PepsiCo’s logistics and distribution facility featuring white UV ink and custom film pattern. It’s a design element to the office space while also providing a basic level of privacy. The actions of those on the other side of the glass are not immediately clear, but the design does not prevent someone from looking through if they wanted to do so.



This is another example of a window film we designed and installed for a client. This one provides more privacy than the previous example while still allowing a minimal level of transparency.



This is another example of a window film we designed and installed for a client. This one provides more privacy than the previous example while still allowing a minimal level of transparency.



Finally, we have an example of a decorative window film that does a great job of branding the office while also providing a high level of privacy.



Branding your office is a great investment in the morale and credibility of your team. A fully branded office stands out to visiting clients and shows that you’re fully committed to your brand. 


Why Choose Pace GFX? 


Since 2011 Pace GFX has been inspiring imaginative branding solutions for every type of business through design, fabrication, printing and installation. We’re a local shop with a national footprint, having built a portfolio featuring global brands that have entrusted us with their business. If you’re looking for a customer-focused, super creative team to bring your brand experience to life, look no further.

Ready to begin your own office branding project? Great! Fill out our short contact form and we’ll reach out to get started.

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