4 Reasons Why You Must Have A Lobby Sign

4 Reasons Why You Must Have A Lobby Sign


So you’re thinking about getting a lobby sign for your business. First off, congratulations. If you’re considering a lobby sign that means you’ve started a successful business or at the very least, you’ve committed to trying to start a successful business and for that, we applaud you.


Here at Pace GFX, we have had the pleasure of designing and installing more lobby signs than we can count. Lobby signs are a must for businesses big and small not only for the purpose of identification but for the statement they make to those who walk through your doors. Here are four reasons why your business must have a lobby sign.


First Impressions Matter


Close your eyes… Picture yourself as a business owner looking for marketing help. You come across a successful agency online and you schedule a meeting at their office. You walk in the front door, what do you see? Chances are you see a lobby sign. How does that make you feel? Do you feel confident in their abilities? In their credibility? If so, it’s probably because of their lobby sign. One that identifies exactly who you are doing business with. One that represents their brand and what they’re about. It says everything they do and believes in one specific place. Your lobby sign exudes confidence and credibility, and it’s an important part of your first impression on clients. When we walk into our client’s building and see their lobby signs, we sometimes forget we’re the ones that designed and installed it because of how well it fits who they are and what they do. A good lobby sign will be memorable for all the right reasons. 


Lobby Signs Are Welcoming


With identification comes comfort. Would you be comfortable waiting in a windowless, colorless lobby with no identifying signage? Probably not. Sure, you’d remember why you were there, but a sense of unrest slowly develops after waiting in a bland room with a couple of blank walls… Yeah, we’d wanna get out of there too. Use your lobby signs to invite your clients into your creative space and introduce them to your brand experience. After seeing your lobby sign, people should feel comfortable communicating with you and your team.


Space is important. Not only does it set the tone, but it makes a powerful impact on how your brand is received by your clients. It’s imperative to create environments that are saturated with delightful experiences and sensory-filled brand spaces but also designed to be comfortable and engaging.


Here is an example of a lobby sign that we made for The Shops at Willow Bend. Our team was able to create a captivating design while also fitting in with the surrounding environment. The sign clearly identifies what the area is for.





Lobby signs should be unique and follow your specific brand guidelines. Rather than blank walls or uninspiring artwork, use your lobby sign to imprint your brand’s unique identity and personality onto the minds of any and everyone that walks through your front door. If you haven’t noticed, the trend here is that lobby signs should be unique because your brand should be unique. We’ve been trusted by global brands since 2011 and each and every one of our clients have required a unique approach. That’s how it should be! There is no one size fits all solution for design needs. We take great pride in giving each client a custom design and experience. Lobby signs are a great way to emphasize the unique branding of your business.


Employee Engagement


Lobby signs play an important role in employee morale and engagement. Your employees are responsible for developing and growing your brand. It’s essential for your brand to have a presence in their mind that’s even stronger than a consumer’s. When your employees walk into their workplace, they should be reminded of what they’re there for and the importance of the role they play in developing your brand. A lobby sign is a fantastic way to reinforce your brand in the mind of your employees.


Here is a sign we made for CDW, a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider. This lobby sign is extremely unique and does an exceptional job of identifying their brand. 



Lobby signs are an important part of a thriving business. They prove to clients that you are the real deal and they remind employees what they are there to accomplish. The possibilities are endless and these projects are always worth the investment. If you’re looking to take the next step with your business, we highly suggest getting in contact with our team so we can get started on your custom lobby sign.


Why Choose Pace GFX? 


Since 2011 Pace GFX has been inspiring imaginative branding solutions for every type of business through design, fabrication, printing, and installation. We’re a local shop with a national footprint, having built a portfolio featuring global brands that have entrusted us with their business. If you’re looking for a customer-focused, super creative team to bring your brand experience to life, look no further.


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