What Is a Branded Environment?

What Is a Branded Environment?


What Is a Branded Environment? And how can it transform your office space?


We’re nearing the end of a pandemic that has affected businesses around the world. Now, more than ever your business needs to stand out. You have to squeeze out every last drop of your unique brand to be memorable to potential clients. So how do you do that? Well, what better way to prove your commitment than by creating a branded environment within your office? Let’s dive into what a branded environment is and how it can change the way clients view your business. 

A branded environment is exactly what it sounds like! It includes a variety of captivating pieces that come together as one. A well-branded environment compliments the core values and culture of a company. It includes the colors and design elements that you want your employees and customers to see, only inside your office. When our clients are deciding whether or not to commit to a branded environment we ask them one thing: don’t you want to share your excitement for your brand? Let’s dive into the most important pieces and features of a well-branded environment.


The Lobby Sign


Let’s start at the front: your lobby sign is the first piece your clients will notice about your branded environment. So what makes a good lobby sign? A good lobby sign encompasses everything about your company in one area. It should identify where the viewer is and how you like to do business. It prepares the audience for what lies behind the sign. It’s the tip of the spear. Most of the time, your lobby sign is your logo or a symbol that represents your brand. A lobby sign should immediately attract the person that walks in. The creative possibilities are endless, just take a look at some of the lobby signs we have created and installed in the past. 

  • Take a look at this lobby sign we created for example. The sign is simple, but very attractive compared to the space it is in. It is the most intriguing part of the office, and the LED lights make it stand out even more. If you sat inside this office space, what would be the first thing you notice? 



A lobby sign is a crucial step towards leaving a great first impression on your prospects. 


Decorative Window Film


Window film is the unsung hero of branding touches around your office space – not only does it provide valuable privacy in conference rooms and offices, it provides great real estate for your brand to carry all the way through your space. It’s one of the easiest ways to create brand awareness. It’s not the main attraction, but a subconscious reminder to clients and employees of who you are and what your company represents. Window Film can range anywhere from a logo, to your core values, or maybe even your best tagline. However crazy you want to get, it’s important that your window film has some element of your branding incorporated so we are creating as much brand exposure as possible. 

  • Example: Window films can be a lot of fun. We always love the challenge of coming up with a new design for our clients. Here is a decorative window film we did for Six Flags. The film provides privacy with a touch of branding at the top with the roller coaster design. 



Wall Wraps 


These are quite possibly the most popular pieces of environmental branding you can have and should exemplify everything your company represents. Your wall wraps allow you to promote your company’s personality all while exposing the most attractive parts of your brand. Do you have awesome core values? Use them as wall wrap. Do you have famous quotes your company lives by? Use them as a wall wrap. Think your break room is too boring for your employees? Use a wall wrap to spice things up. Whether it’s a client or your internal staff, wall-wraps can be the most impressive part of your office and should evoke positive emotions from the viewer. 

  • Example: This is a wall wrap we did for Tempest Freerunning. This wrap sets the mood for what goes on in this particular space. The setting is supposed to be a rooftop, using our wraps, Tempest was able to put the cherry on top of an awesome idea!



So what have we learned?


A branded environment is essential to the credibility of your team. You won’t find a better expression of what you do then a successful branded environment. Your environment should tell your story and force emotion onto your clients and employees. Here at Pace GFX, we want you to believe in your work, we want your employees to believe in your work, and we want your clients to believe in your work. If you’re considering taking the next step with your business, get in contact with us here. If you need that extra little push, check out some of our previous work here. Whatever the challenge, we’re here to take your office space to the next level.

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